The Lab:

The concept behind this space is to serve as lab bench for people in the EdTech group wanting to try out collaborative technologies. (Use this link to sign up for the EdTech group mailing list or join by sending a blank email message to

Among the features you’ll find here are:

  • An annotated resource list for online collaboration
  • Information on on-line collaboration tools, hardware, software, and web resources
  • A directory of your fellow travellers, with screen names for services they use
  • A sign up for the related mailing list (see below)
  • Information about monthly on-line happy hours
  • Opportunities to try out on-line collaborative tools
  • Collaborative Blog entries (if any) that people have posted here.

One reason the site is called a lab is that I expect it to remain a work-in-progress. Remember the days when those darling under-construction GIFs were a common sight on the web?

If you want to blog here, use this link to fire off an email request and we’ll set you up. If you already have an account at, and if send your request from the address associated with that account, you’ll be able to use the same login to blog here.

To participate in a mailing list for people interested use of and experimentation with collaborative technologies for education (different from the EdTech list):

Subscribe here (Alternatively, send an empty email message to

Once you have signed up, Post here Alternatively, send a message to

Fill out form

View Directory

Thanks for playing.


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